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Tuesday, Apr. 29, 2003 - 12:27 p.m.

Busy, busy, busy. Yep. I've been busy trying to get a job. After many weeks of no action, preceeded by only a little action, I have two, yes two, interviews this week. Both jobs would be decent. The interview for the job that is close to my house is tomorrow and the interview for the job that is 50 miles away is Thursday. At this point I'll take either, providing of course that I am offered one or both of them. Considering my previous record, I won't hold my breath. There is of course second interviews to be invited to as well.

There is a new twist to the MIL scenario. In my previous entry I mentioned that she offered to fly us to Florida to visit great grandma. It turns out that she only wants C and I to go with her and not J. I like great grandma and all, but she is J's grandma not mine. He should be there to see her. I think it would mean something more to her to see him than me. However, J can't just take C and leave me because C needs my boobs. The thought of being stuck on a plane with her and C stresses me out more than just a little bit. If she pulls any stunts like she did on Easter, it could be a VERY long flight indeed. I want to keep the peace and go, but every cell in my body is screaming "don't go!!!"

A free trip is a free trip, but I prefer to think of this as the womanly bonding experience from hell.

J was so sweet to me yesterday. Perhaps he is trying to assuage his guilt over staying up all night with bro in law talking and tinkering with the lawn mower, waking the baby up constantly. I thought I would kill him, J not the baby. I had to keep getting up every half an hour to get Colin back to sleep. He swears that he didn't realize it was that big of a deal. Um, starting a motor up three feet from the crib is probably going to wake him up. Duh! He could also be trying to butter me up for the impending trip, who knows.

J actually took the baby and ran a bunch of errands yesterday after work and returned home with a bunch of flowers. He NEVER does that. Must really feel guilty about sending me off with C to fend for myself. I always get suspicious when a man gives me flowers or other trinkets. That is a result of a real jerk that I dated when I was 18. He was very promiscious and every time he'd have a little tryst with someone, he'd buy me a bracelet or flowers or balloons or you name it because he'd feel guilty. That jerk taught me to be suspicious of things most people do out of kindness and not just to cover something up.

I could tell a story or two about that guy. Perhaps I will, but not today. I need to grab some quick lunch before someone wakes up from his nap.

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