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Wednesday, Jan. 09, 2002 - 4:01 p.m.

AhhhÖÖÖ.to dream. Since reality isnít doing much for me at the moment, Iíve been daydreaming away the day today. I know I should be spending my time making some of these dreams come true rather than loafing and thinking ďwhat ifĒ, but Iíve tried that recently and I havenít had much luck. So dreaming it is.

Today this woman started talking about how she married her high school sweetheart and that it was so great for her, kids these days donít know what theyíre doing, etcÖ So I started imagining how my life might have turned out had I chosen to stick with my high school sweetheart. This would be the guy that I blew off in my prom story, so Iím thinking the chances for ďhappily ever afterĒ would have been really slim.

He came from a large Italian family so I probably would have at least 5 kids by now Ė yikes! On the positive side, being Italian meant that his whole family was in the construction business so Iím sure I would be living in a nice house. I wonder if he still listens to Def Leppard and Poison.

If I recall correctly, he wanted to be a cop. The good news is he was always gentle and considerate with me so my life probably wouldnít be made into one of those Lifetime reality based movies. I do sometimes wonder whatever happened to him and hope things turned out well in his life, but I am glad we didnít stay together.


Speaking of exís, Iím in a bit of a quandary about how to handle a particular situation with my husband. My husband and I were friends who hung out in the same group together for 8 years before we became involved. This means that he knows a hell of a lot about my past and who I dated and what I did or did not do with whom, because as friends we always talked about those things or he saw those things.

Now that friendliness is coming around to bite me in the rear end. Every year I get a Christmas card from someone whom I had a brief and I mean brief thing with back in college. The fling ended mutually when we both decided that it wasnít what we were looking for romantically, but because we enjoyed each otherís company we maintained a friendship. He is now married and has a 3-year-old child, whose picture he also includes in each Christmas card that he sends.

My husband insists that he is sending cards because he still has a thing for me. Now call me crazy, but sending a childís photo in a Christmas card once a year is not what I call a sexual advance. Besides that I know it is his wife sending the card and not him.

I donít know what heís so worried about. I havenít seen or talked to the guy in like 5 years and have no intention of pursuing anything with him ever again even if I was single. We did mutually end our fling after all. Iíve explained this to my husband over and over again to no avail. Keep in mind that I didnít even send this guy a card in return. I also tossed the card he sent in the trash, but he is relentless in his comments about how this guy has the hots for me.

Iím about ready to strangle him since he isnít being reasonable. Then he tells me last night that since I can get a card from a previous lover than he should be able to go comfort an ex-girlfriend whose father is sick. I donít think that that is an equivalent to getting a card, which by the way was addressed to both of us Ė and how would he know her father was sick if he wasnít in contact with his ex?! It seems like no matter what I say he is still being pig headed, so I donít know what to do now. Maybe I just wonít respond to his comments at all. Next time he makes one, Iíll just pretend like I didnít hear a word.

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